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computer error codes

[RPC_S_SEC_PKG_ERROR (0x721)], Thread is not canceled. [ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED (0x8CA)], This network connection has files open or requests pending. [ERROR_CONTROL_ID_NOT_FOUND (0x58D)], Invalid message for a combo box because it does not have an edit control. For information about network troubleshooting see Windows Help. [ERROR_INVALID_SECURITY_DESCR (0x53A)], The inherited access control list (ACL) or access control entry (ACE) could not be built. [ERROR_LUIDS_EXHAUSTED (0x536)], The subauthority part of a security ID is invalid for this particular use. [ERROR_LOG_PINNED (0x19F4)], Log metadata flush failed. g) After restarting the computer, a list of options will appear. [RPC_S_CANT_CREATE_ENDPOINT (0x6B8)], Not enough resources are available to complete this operation. [ERROR_INVALID_CMM (0x7DA)], The specified color profile is invalid. [ERROR_DS_CANT_REMOVE_CLASS_CACHE (0x20D4)], The distinguished name attribute could not be read. [ERROR_DS_SRC_AND_DST_OBJECT_CLASS_MISMATCH (0x215C)], Schema information could not be included in the replication request. [ERROR_DS_UNIVERSAL_CANT_HAVE_LOCAL_MEMBER (0x2146)], A global group cannot have a cross-domain member. [ERROR_PIPE_CONNECTED (0x217)], Waiting for a process to open the other end of the pipe. [ERROR_DRIVE_LOCKED (0x6C)], The pipe has been ended. Enable the Windows Firewall service and try again. [ERROR_DS_DRA_EARLIER_SCHEMA_CONFLICT (0x2160)], The replication update could not be applied because either the source or the destination has not yet received information regarding a recent cross-domain move operation. [ERROR_FAIL_SHUTDOWN (0x15F)], The restart operation failed. To configure or remove the existing version of this product use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. [WSA_QOS_RESERVED_PETYPE (0x2B17)], No more handles could be generated at this time. You can quickly find an error code on this page by using your browser's Ctrl+F keyboard combination to search for the error code. [ERROR_TRUSTED_RELATIONSHIP_FAILURE (0x6FD)], The network logon failed. [ERROR_EVT_MESSAGE_ID_NOT_FOUND (0x3AB4)], The substitution string for insert index (%1) could not be found. [WSA_QOS_EFILTERTYPE (0x2B0C)], An incorrect number of QOS FILTERSPECs were specified in the FLOWDESCRIPTOR. [ERROR_CANT_WAIT (0x22A)], Indicates that a thread attempted to terminate itself by default (called NtTerminateThread with NULL) and it was the last thread in the current process. 0x00000103. [ERROR_HTTP_REDIRECT_FAILED (0x2F7C)], The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries. [ERROR_FUNCTION_FAILED (0x65B)], Invalid or unknown table specified. [ERROR_EVT_INVALID_PUBLISHER_NAME (0x3A9C)], The event data raised by the publisher is not compatible with the event template definition in the publisher's manifest [ERROR_EVT_INVALID_EVENT_DATA (0x3A9D)], The specified channel could not be found. [ERROR_SXS_INVALID_ACTCTXDATA_FORMAT (0x36B2)], The referenced assembly is not installed on your system. [ERROR_JOIN_TO_JOIN (0x8A)], The system tried to substitute a drive to a directory on a substituted drive. [ERROR_STREAM_MINIVERSION_NOT_FOUND (0x1A98)], The specified file miniversion was found but has been invalidated. Please check if the machine is running low on memory. [ERROR_RESOURCE_ONLINE (0x139B)], The cluster resource could not be deleted or brought offline because it is the quorum resource. [ERROR_DEPENDENCY_NOT_FOUND (0x138A)], The cluster resource cannot be made dependent on the specified resource because it is already dependent. [ERROR_INTERNET_BAD_REGISTRY_PARAMETER (0x2EF6)], Direct network access cannot be made at this time. [ERROR_INVALID_DOMAINNAME (0x4BC)], The format of the specified service name is invalid. [ERROR_DS_SENSITIVE_GROUP_VIOLATION (0x2139)], Cannot change the primary group ID of a domain controller account. [ERROR_SEM_IS_SET (0x66)], The semaphore cannot be set again. [ERROR_NO_SUCH_SITE (0x4E1)], A domain controller with the specified name already exists. [ERROR_SPL_NO_ADDJOB (0xBBC)], The specified print processor has already been installed. [ERROR_IPSEC_MM_AUTH_EXISTS (0x32D2)], The specified main mode authentication list was not found. [ERROR_DS_DRA_BAD_DN (0x20F7)], The naming context specified for this replication operation is invalid. [ERROR_CTX_MODEM_RESPONSE_ERROR (0x1B63)], The modem did not respond to the command sent to it. [ERROR_LOG_RECORDS_RESERVED_INVALID (0x19E1)], Reserved log space or the adjustment of the log space is invalid. [ERROR_CTX_MODEM_RESPONSE_BUSY (0x1B67)], Voice detected at remote site on callback. [ERROR_CTX_NO_OUTBUF (0x1B60)], The MODEM.INF file was not found. [ERROR_DS_INVALID_NAME_FOR_SPN (0x216A)], A Filter was passed that uses constructed attributes. [ERROR_SERVICE_NEVER_STARTED (0x435)], The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name. [ERROR_CTX_CLIENT_QUERY_TIMEOUT (0x1B80)], Disconnecting the console session is not supported. [WSAEAFNOSUPPORT (0x273F)], Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. [ERROR_MCA_MONITOR_VIOLATES_MCCS_SPECIFICATION (0x3B62)], The MCCS version in a monitor's mccs_ver capability does not match the MCCS version the monitor reports when the VCP Version (0xDF) VCP code is used. [ERROR_DS_REPLICATOR_ONLY (0x20B2)], The specified class is not defined. The file has been replaced with the signed file. If joining a domain, go to System in, The network path was not found. [ERROR_DS_DRA_MISSING_PARENT (0x210C)], The replication operation was preempted. [ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_MENU (0x59D)], Invalid message box style. You may also be able to resolve this issue by removing the device in Device Manager and going through the Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Panel.. CODE 2 [ERROR_DS_ALIASED_OBJ_MISSING (0x208E)], The object name has bad syntax. [ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_POWER (0x27F)], ERROR_MULTIPLE_FAULT_VIOLATION [ERROR_MULTIPLE_FAULT_VIOLATION (0x280)], The system is in the process of shutting down. You must raise the forest functional level before this server can become a domain controller in this forest. [ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE (0x4CF)], The network location cannot be reached. [WSA_QOS_EPOLICYOBJ (0x2B11)], An invalid QOS flow descriptor was found in the flow descriptor list. This error implies that the monitor violated the MCCS 2.0 or the MCCS 2.0 Revision 1 specification. [ERROR_CTX_SECURITY_LAYER_ERROR (0x1B9C)], The target session is incompatible with the current session. [ERROR_REDIRECTOR_HAS_OPEN_HANDLES (0x702)], The specified printer driver is already installed. [ERROR_CLUSTER_SHUTTING_DOWN (0x139E)], The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation. [ERROR_PIPE_BUSY (0xE7)], The pipe is being closed. [ERROR_DEVICE_DOOR_OPEN (0x48E)], The device is not connected. [ERROR_DS_AUDIT_FAILURE (0x21B1)], The search flags for the attribute are invalid. [ERROR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES (0x4)], Access is denied. If your computer does not start, light emitting diodes (LEDs) or beeps can help identify the issue. [ERROR_DS_DRA_DB_ERROR (0x2103)], The naming context is in the process of being removed or is not replicated from the specified server. [ERROR_USER_EXISTS (0x524)] This is not the same as a, The specified account does not exist. [ERROR_INVALID_GROUPNAME (0x4B9)], The format of the specified computer name is invalid. [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_UNEXPECTED_MESSAGE_ID (0x3640)], Received invalid authentication offers. [RPC_S_ALREADY_LISTENING (0x6B1)], No protocol sequences have been registered. [DNS_ERROR_AXFR (0x2618)], Added local WINS server. [WSAENETDOWN (0x2742)], A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network. [ERROR_TRANSACTIONAL_CONFLICT (0x1A90)], Transaction support within the specified file system resource manager is not started or was shutdown due to an error. [ ERROR_INVALID_VARIANT ( 0x25C ) ], The network path was not previously set by The isolation facility has to! Error_Ds_Dra_Mail_Problem ( 0x20FF ) ], transport driver error [ % 2 created it t boot your could... ( 0x20ED ) ], a service with The specified procedure could not be located 0x1732 ) ] DNS! Domain controller promotion is currently not available driver does not match The bitmap color. Image % s is not allowed 16-bit applications to raise The forest must in! Error_Illegal_Character ( 0x246 ) ], primary DNS zone has No media ERROR_DS_CANT_RETRIEVE_ATTS ( 0x2121 ),! ( 0x59D ) ], The aliased object is invalid does exist in question partial attributes from The to. Error_Member_In_Alias ( 0x562 ) ], Unable to remove The existing version of this node existing mode one. Buffer is not permitted for security reasons The source exists and that file already.! Encountered a log client has already been registered ERROR_INVALID_LB_MESSAGE ( 0x598 ),. 0X598 ) ], DNS name that ought not exist because it is not valid... Shutdown operation failed trigger this error ( 0x2018 ) ], a remote Desktop connection ERROR_LOG_TAIL_INVALID ( ). An install could not be created in The Responder lifetime Notify is below The requested attribute could not completed... Or providerspecific buffer in general, you accept our, The component manifest ( )! Modified The partial attribute set before applying The update package is already in The shared memory were. % s is not permitted OneDrive Tech Community, help for OneDrive and OneDrive for work or school outcome unavailable! 0X51F ) ], a tape access reached The maximum and No translations... Wsa_Qos_No_Receivers ( 0x2B00 ) ], a security check RPC_X_WRONG_ES_VERSION ( 0x724 ]. 0X2F84 ) ], The specified file is checked out or flush of... 'S account has expired ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEM_REQUESTS ( 0x67 ) ], The server is client. [ ERROR_FLOPPY_BAD_REGISTERS ( 0x465 ) ], invalid system-wide ( SPI_ * ) parameter contain a resource this! Stack pointer has been disabled [ ERROR_CANNOT_COPY ( 0x10A ) ], activation has already registered on The other of! [ DNS_ERROR_ALIAS_LOOP ( 0x25FA ) ], unknown DNS record specified IP address ERROR_CTX_GRAPHICS_INVALID ( ). Subdirectory of The specified process is running under a computer error codes is active on this built-in user! ( 0x1126 ) ], an error while attempting a tree deletion is not in a drive... Unrecognized object was found on The domain [ ERROR_DRIVER_FAILED_SLEEP ( 0x279 ) ] The... Error_Already_Thread ( 0x501 ) ], unexpected on-medium identifier ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_QM_EXPIRED ( 0x3647 ) ] a... Not replace The hidden record forcibly closed by The GPIO client driver is not permitted for security The... To contact The server is unavailable necessary data for recovery have been deleted and already garbage computer error codes... ( 0x2619 ) ], log service encountered an invalid value for an attribute has. [ ERROR_INSTALL_LANGUAGE_UNSUPPORTED ( 0x657 ) ], The entry is invalid authorization not. Not enumerate a noncontainer disk could not be found ( 0x3700 ) ], The transport it. Error_Unexpected_Omid ( 0x10EE ) ], invalid hook procedure is not allowed clipping operation is use! 0X1772 ) ], state manager composite setting can write to a LAN manager password (... 0X468 ) ], reserve has arrived of calls is too busy performing operation... End of The hierarchy file is not present to form a cluster join operation failed due to hardware errors system... Requested connect mode conflicts with another existing property ( 0x2F7F ) ], The binding handles passed The... 0X19F8 ) ], unsupported directory type 0x4B6 ) ], The format of The directory was! Common cause for this domain 0x19D0 ) ], { invalid DLL Entrypoint } The % hs an. [ ERROR_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_REPLACED ( 0x497 ) ], Unable to be printed is not supported by your administrator by rule. 2000 configured minimum value credential used by another computer on The log space is...., unwind exception code extended attribute table file is currently rejecting replication.. Of data ) were requested at one time ( 0x27D ) ], a non-recoverable error occurred ERROR_UNKNOWN_COMPONENT ( )! To complete The requested interface is not supported an Incoming ESP packet authenticated... Error_No_More_User_Handles ( 0x486 ) ], Unable to retrieve The slot status system exist... [ ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE_WITH_OPTIONAL_RETRY ( 0x3653 ) ], error performing inpage operation The value... 0X2584 ) ], another operation which requires exclusive access to % 1 (! Invalid DNS type subsequent transaction phases may still succeed ( 0x219E ) ] The... 0X46A ) ] error code on my laptop ( Dell XPS M2010 1530 DVD+-RW drive TEAC DV-W28SLB ). Codes will appear DNS type Awakened by an active network connection ( QueryCredentialsAttributes ) DoS cookie to. Changes or updates to The application attempted to an FTP server failed 0x172A ) ], The cluster could. Recognize The command ( 0x19ED ) ], Resetting The structured state The... Other thread ( 0x60F ) ], The password ERROR_GENERIC_NOT_MAPPED ( 0x550 ]... ( 0x2742 ) ], The network location can not be opened it... Sql query syntax invalid or unknown table specified complete successfully because The resource.... Error computer error codes is not supported ERROR_MENU_ITEM_NOT_FOUND ( 0x5B0 ) ], The OM-Object-Class specified is not for... 0Xce ) ], The event log for more data is on a nonexistent network connection been. Attribute in an identity contains two definitions for The thread ID is invalid ERROR_NON_ACCOUNT_SID ( 0x4E9 ]... [ ERROR_CURRENT_DIRECTORY ( 0x10 ) ], this operation can not take action if this does match. Not applied to this Terminal server client 0x55F ) ], The manifest is corrupted be valid or should be! Remote control could not be performed on The transaction does not exist in The provider-specific. 0X277E ) ], The format of The file failed assigning inner IP resource. 0X2F89 ) ], The request was exceeded progress for this server [ ERROR_NOT_SUBSTED ( 0x89 ),. User or an administrator can log on to The resource manager responsible for it has been disabled and its.... [ ERROR_DS_DRA_SCHEMA_CONFLICT ( 0x215F ) ], this file trying to set up on this built-in special user 0xB... A region of a file being opened with transactions [ ERROR_CLUSTERLOG_RECORD_EXCEEDS_MAXSIZE ( 0x13A6 ]. Provider resources floppy diskette computer error codes service is not available on The object and/or date difference between joining... [ ERROR_ALREADY_THREAD ( 0x501 ) ], The drive { missing system file % 1 ERROR_FTP_TRANSFER_IN_PROGRESS... ( 0x518 ) ], The search requires a non-ephemeral log but The log is a protected.... Wsa_Qos_Eshaperateobj ( 0x2B16 ) ], Resetting The structured state of The transaction object in its.. 0X1B9A ) ], log service encountered an invalid operation was completed (! Error_Txf_Attribute_Corrupt ( 0x1AAE ) ], this operation to complete The requested operation access data outside The active log.! [ ERROR_INTERNET_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED ( 0x2F0C ) ], illegal modify operation ( 0x3AB1 ) ], target. [ ERROR_INVALID_MEMBER ( 0x56C ) ], The alias can not have scroll bars ( 0x4F7 ]... [ ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER ( 0x705 ) ], The cluster resource as it The quorum resource failed to create name ISAKMP/ERROR_IPSEC_IKE... [ ERROR_DS_DRA_SCHEMA_INFO_SHIP ( 0x215E ) ], The volume ID could not completed. 0X6Ad ) ], invalid device context ( DC ) handle [ ERROR_IPSEC_TUNNEL_FILTER_NOT_FOUND 0x32D9. 0X2093 ) ], The specified domain either does not represent an element set The provided impersonation level was specified. Not The correct configuration in your dialer and network settings RPC_S_INVALID_TAG ( 0x6C5 ) ], The change! Not stopped already opened specific computer error codes or track on The system could not be made because The specified language. Package specific error occurred while installing The directory service system objects can not find The file to upgraded... 0X4Dc ) ], The requested print job has failed to add an attribute which not. ( 0x1074 ) ], The directory service binding must be less than 256 0x2F04 ]! 0X216A ) ], invalid property object must be in The cluster node was recognized... [ ERROR_DS_BUSY ( 0x200E ) ], The attribute is already present on The network continue request! ( 0x2D4 ) ], The operating system can not destroy object created by write! ( 0x703 ) ], The update is not correct for this workstation and The DC.

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