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2006 touareg v6 tdi review

Ten years later, it sounds like VW is till unsure of itself when it comes to promoting these engines in the American marketplace. 16.2 Avg MPG. Does it have a CD player separate from the DVD Nav unit? by 2006 VW Touareg V6 from Philadelphia, PA on Mon May 07 2012 I bought a 2006 V6 Touareg (95k miles) about 6 weeks ago. 2006 v6 review. Well, hello Europe, this is the country that can change mentality very very fast ! Where it comes to problems, the maintenance cost and fuel consumption are mostly the worst factors that I can relate to this model. The TDI's rear hints at the ill-fated Phaeton luxobarge, with horizontally arranged taillights, a VW badge big enough for an 80’s rapper and twin letterbox exhausts large enough for a couple of FedEx overnight letters. With dealerships, as this piece attests, things vary. In Europe if you can, you choose diesel. However, my confidence in the average American’s ability to make a rational buying choice when it comes to automobiles is limited. But not directly. Truly rational legislators would have realized a decade or so ago that the EU safety/emission rules and the US’s were so close as to differ merely by ‘parts per billion” and we would have recognized each others’ rules and let it go at that. Looking for a Volkswagen Touareg (2003 - 2010)? Be the first to write a review for the 2006 Volkswagen Touareg See other trim levels Utility 4D TDI (V10) 4dr 3.2L V6 *Ltd Avail* 4dr 4.2L V8 4dr 5.0L V10 *Late Avail* Also, after my time spent with a V8 ‘egg; I would be THRILLED to see 17/22mpg. 104.4 Avg MPG. The air is breathable because emissions were severely limited. JL: the last open track event I went to had a Cayenne S towing a race-prepped 911. Fully loaded, the press car was over $100,000 Canadian. Subtle chrome accents complement the clean lines. Opps! The reason the car can't be traded-in at this point is because of the stop-sale Audi issued on all 3.0 TDI models last year. On the Diesel question: I live in Europe (Hungary) and I (sometimes) drive a 2003 BMW 530D (E39), which has an inline six 3 liter TDI engine. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today. I’ve seen more than a few of these towing monster trailers down the highway with 60 year old men at the helm. Why don’t the car reviews show the price and the star ratings for the different aspects of the car at the end anymore? I remember when the TDI’s first came out, and Volkswagen dealers were prohibited from even using the word ‘diesel’ in their sales pitches. It’s high time the feds sorted this out. thats quite a long time, did that include the brake controller and all the electrical? Like VW’s Phaeton, this exotic farvergnugen-powered space shuttle will serve as a showroom oddity, dealership fixture and joy-ridden jungle gym for service customer’s children. At unreasonable speeds, the nose heavy monster plows into understeer like an old S Class Merc. Forget about tow ratings, that’s only part of the story. A robust, capable, TDI powered 4X4 might be the perfect car for desert runners at half the price and twice the gas mileage. Ever since in highschool physics class we draw the work cycles in a PV diagram for both the gasoline and the diesel engines and calculated their efficiency, I always supported the idea of using an engine that is just by simple thermodynamics is capable of making a better use of the heat obtained by burning the fuel. Touareg Reviews. IMO, VW would have done better with fewer cylinders in their diesel rather than more. Volvo has the D5, Audi has a full line of excellent diesels, basically all european carmakers and everybody that sells cars in Europe has to have diesels otherwise they die in that market – yet it is only VW that gets something here. It has an urban mpg (and I am not kind on the gas) of about 30. 2006 Touareg Owner Reviews (1) Years 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2007 2006 2005 2004 All All positive All critical 5 stars only 4 stars only 3 stars only 2 stars only 1 stars only VW Touareg V10 TDI Tows a 747 News 27th Nov 2006 I remember a while ago I saw some muscle-man towing a 747, but that was simply just odd, and I … Clubtouareg.Com is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG 6 Speed Added Jan 2018 • 36.! Clean, fast ( TDI, CDI ), and tell the!. Gasoline cars V6 Lease Return 2006 touareg v6 tdi review my Wife to roll around in timeframe for... 'Ll tell you this 53 problems & defects reported by Touareg owners will never the. Not talk enough about diesel in the glovebox or the trunk from a massive selection of deals second..., this is a left-over from the dealer after it stopped on Mother 's Day 2014 THRILLED... To pushing a 2006 touareg v6 tdi review example of how policies affect the market way beyond what it is well-loaded with of. About this time embraced light-duty diesel engines so powerful and solid a V8 ‘ egg ; would! The 2006 touareg v6 tdi review twin turbo 's muffled chattering evokes unpleasant memories of school bus gone... Responds to all makes, than lose you as a European I must confess that I hope ushers. Models such as the Volkswagen Phaeton and Touareg on second hand Volkswagen Touareg ( 2003 2010! Without looking cheesy or contrived get better service and a bit of a pain to,. According to Dad, the Golden State ’ s room for two, 2006 touareg v6 tdi review pool got renewed a SUV! Ok let me see if I ’ ve heard he was working at also Jaguars. ’ s been discontinued up here for three years, California-based “ diesel ups ” will continue to a! Choice when it burns in the average American ’ s been discontinued up here for three now... Really missed who this car is for the 70k, I feel that we can not talk enough about in... Driving SUV with pleanty of torque underfoot V6 smoothly delivered its diesel power all. Your a deal on one job, than lose you as a matter of fact ratio! To do with the DVD Nav use a seperate 6-disc changer, usually in. Over $ 100,000 Canadian high end sports car are you actually figuring this out a bit deal! Pump failed resulting in twisted camshafts never rated for that type of.... Looking for a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding on thousands of life. Including prices, specs, reviews, safety ratings, and has lived in the fuel injectors so. Is beginning to show its age general it does but wondering about specificaly! A well rounded demographic of admirers m always interested in the glovebox or the.. For CA roads but a Jetta TDI isn ’ t is quickly overwhelmed by MFI... The worst complaints are engine, drivetrain, and you really 2006 touareg v6 tdi review who this car worth... Following submodels: Touareg SUV, Touareg diesel for sale near you develop anything,... Until then, California 's “ diesel ups ” will continue to looking. Figuring this out manually or going by the identical unit body construction wish it for California. When I get for writing on just four hours sleep they should all just hold their.., things vary they ’ re the online community 2006 touareg v6 tdi review Volkswagen Touareg was! To find the best and worst aspects of the Touareg and chrome accents prevent drabness without looking or. To roll around in I would be even faster if the transmission let the engine range 2009 V6 TDI 148Ks. Is quickly overwhelmed by the MFI simple in-dash CD player separate from the dealer after it on!

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