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When it comes to energizing audiences and encouraging them to turn their ideas into reality, or to empowering those in the project management industry to take their lives and careers to the next level, you will find no better speaker than Cesar Abeid.

Cesar was a guest speaker for our PMI Durham Highlands Chapter monthly meeting in May, 2015.  His presentation on “The Project Manager as a Free Agent” was enticing and informative as he shared various strategies to help us stand out from the rest.  Our members had provided us with the positive feedback that we strive for at each of our meetings.  Cesar had given the membership what they asked for.  Real life strategies that work.  I not only recommend Cesar Abeid for speaking engagements with other chapters and organizations, but also would welcome him back to PMI DHC in the future.

– Joe Campa, Sr. VP of Business Operations PMI Durham Highlands Chapter

Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in North America or abroad, Cesar Abeid can deliver a customized message of inspiration for your meeting or conference. For audiences eager to start turning their ideas into reality, Cesar borrows from his years of experience as a project manager to share with them proven strategies on how to materialize their dreams. For audiences in the project management industry, Cesar Abeid will inspire them to understand that project managers are uniquely equipped to make a difference in the world.

Cesar Abeid spoke at one of our monthly PMI SWOC events on how project managers can leverage social media for personal branding. Cesar’s presentation was very informative, highly applicable to our members and entertaining. We have received very positive feedback from our members about Cesar’s expertise. I would recommend Cesar for any speaking engagement.

– Fabian Boehm, VP Professional Development PMI South Western Ontario Chapter

Cesar Abeid’s speaking philosophy, which he borrows from his extensive experience as a communicator behind the microphone at the Project Management for the Masses Podcast and the multiple award-winning Construction Industry Podcast, is to entertain, inspire, and educate. He accomplishes this by being authentic, passionate, and by using humor and storytelling.

To connect with Cesar and find out whether he is available for your next meeting, contact Cesar through the form below.

Cesar Abeid provided an amazing presentation at Podcast Movement (the International conference for podcasters by podcasters) on Project Management. Cesar’s authority and influence in this space has become undeniable with the expert interviews and insights provided through the Project Management for the Masses podcast. Cesar has tremendous social proof through the Project Management for the Masses Google Plus community. Cesar’s session at Podcast Movement was well received & was easily considered one of the top advanced sessions for the event.

– Jared Easley, co-founder, Podcast Movement conference


Past clients have included Project Management Institute local chapters, New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, and Construct Canada.

Contact me for more information.

Some of Cesar’s Talks

  • Using the Internet to  Empower Your Career, Image, and Reputation
  • Leading without authority: how to get teams to go the extra mile for your project
  • The Project Manager as a Free Agent: You Are On Your Own and In Charge: How To Take Control of Your Career and Excel 
  • The Benefits of Being the First to Podcast Within Your Niche


Besides the talks listed above, Cesar can create a deliver presentation on the following topics

  • Using project management to turn your ideas into reality
  • The benefits of being a podcaster in your niche
  • Leveraging the Internet to take your career to the next level
  • Personal branding
  • Using social media to establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Using new media to promote your business
  • Content creation in B2B

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