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my little dog was attacked by a big dog

This happened about 7pm. The idiot with the dog that attacked mine led her dogs right up to my dog and paid no attention. Two days ago my 60 lb lab mix was attacked by another dog that got away from its owner. He was constantly lanting and i thought it was due to the tight bandage that went all the way up his neck. My question now is, based on what I’ve read on the Internet about the degloving injuries they can heal and anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. I have a 15 lb Lhasa Poo who was attacked by my neighbor’s dog while we were standing there talking to each other. As sad as it might feel that he has to pay for his exceedingly rare transgressions by remaining on a leash every single day, it’s your only assurance of his behaving appropriately — and safely. We have kept her still, warm and calm and away from noise and light since arriving home. Do you think he will be ok or with no blood or proof of bites could he still have internal injuries? My 1 and a half year old lab/shepherd mix just randomly attacked our 4 year old pug. They are both female dogs, both from homes with multi dogs and children. She’s never been a major barker before and I’m very concerned about this new behavior. Most damage is to his front legs. There is really nothing you can do except rest and vet visit. The vet told me there is nothing they can do for it. Though she kept being disorientated, she practically died in matter of seconds. Sometimes the injuries are so bad that there is nothing you can do. As soon as he got out (on a leash) as I was shutting the door there was an instant attack. Please reply with any possible information, thank you. Were we fools to let go of our beautiful, wonderful Chihuahua? The lab didn’t ever get a tight hold before I got my Frenchie out and there are no puncture wounds. MY pitbull attacked my smaller dog and she has a puncture wound on her head and around her trachea. Very sorry but you need to see a vet. I won’t throw back “typical lapdog owner” back at you because I know better than tribal mentality. he has a gash that is being cleaned and wrapped everyday, the cut is on his left side right above the side shoulder blade, the swelling is not as bad as the 1st day (which was 3days ago) but it is TIGHT! It’s 6 days later and he’s walking/eating/drinking/pooping/socializing normally. Charlottesville, VA 22901Directions. I can’t remember the name given.. but he mentioned the two lines of skin in front of his penis. Of course if dog licks it off, defeats pupose. Just wondering if this will change is Temperament permanently? He may have been bitten (by a larger dog ) or possibly had a stroke maybe? All four dogs love each other- share food, share toys, share bones, sleep together in a heap. How can you refuse to see a vet UNTIL you know the problem. For you to say its irresponsible for a pet owner to own a pet if they can’t afford vet bills is a load of crap. I’m worried about my puppy too. Hey why can’t I find anything on ear injuries ? I immediately freaked out. I was on the deck when a large group of new family had arrived with their hyper and pretty aggressive Jack Russell. In the passed two days since the incident she is still a bit whiny/shakey when I pick her up, and is still limping, but she is eating and going to to the bathroom by herself. Occasionally there is a spat with the other dogs but no blood drawn. My dog is a long hair Chihuahua and is 10 1/2 years old. I’ve had two instances of a bigger dog attacking one of mine, and thankfully, there were no major physical injuries. The owners needed closure. Thanks for reading. i dragged her away from the other dogs but then stood there to ask them how there dog was. She’s 5 lbs. It is true the little one is a bully and very nasty BUT at the moment of the attack NOTHING was going on- nothing, I am devastated- although the Vet thinks the little one will be fine, she is lucky to be alive. I assume this was all performed at a 24 hour specialty hospital. Great story, I will defer to the professional dog trainer. My dog was bit about four or five days ago on the side of the neck near the ear at first i didnt see any marks but then there was a little one with swelling it was lose at first now it is harder and starting to grow out off the skin im not sureof what to do i dont have the money for a vet visit .any ideas ??? It was traumatic for my poor lil dog. Not much else I can tell you except rest him a lot and pain medication. Cleo, my Yorkshire terrier, is with a strange rash on her body and with some wounds, and, apparently, it itches a lot. Please suggest me something which would make me feel better.thank you. He’s attempted to move but he wasn’t able to move at all when I first saw him he tried to get up and walk he stood up but just fell back over and hasn’t moved since and has vomited once. So I didn’t want to ask a question, I wanted to give a heads up to all your readers. He bit my 4 year old 4lb chihuahua with no noise no warning and one bite. I still can’t wrap my head around our dog’s attack….he has never shown aggression to anything or anyone. Sorry for your loss. The kind that they use to make pumpkin pie, in a can. However, the dog died at home that evening. I really appreciate some advice from you. There is also a small lump below his mouth. I wanted to rush Marlee back into the animal ER but apparently I was pretty beat up and needed to go to the ER myself. Your vet is seeing the dog and knows WAY more about the case than I do. She never deteriorated slowly. Many small dogs are terriers, small versions of terriers, or other breeds and mixes of breeds similar to terriers. Thank you for comments. We had a PB that passed away in 2013 (from a dog food recall) that was friends with the doxie (PB was 11 doxie 8 months when introduced), when the 70lb mix came along (got her at 8 weeks old) the older dog started grooming her to be the alpha I think. You can always go seek behavior counseling and try to modify he actions. how do i prevent this from happening again or do i have to rehome her? The poodle died because of the attack? She seems to also be sensitive in the neck area, but I can’t see anything. The vet prescribed Tylenol and Predsim (a corticoid). My 65lb Rhodesian/boxer attacked him and it took too long for me to separate them. Please help suggest! I would keep a basket muzzle on the dogs whenever they are together to prevent fights and make sure to feed them separately. If you pick her up she screams in pain, so you have to be careful. He is responsive to us when we visit and doesn’t have the 1,000 yard stare. I came back in the house and the poodle was in take cover mode trying to make her way to me. Drainage of pus and serum is a good thing, but too much infection and too much drainage can really weaken an animal. Not to mention the cost I feel I’m about to incur. there wer epeople coming towards us with two terriers. Bummer, that sounds terrible. That is a common side effect from drains and severe bite wounds. Today, Monday, he got a poodle who got too close to him in his mouth and wouldn’t let go. I picked up my dog from the floor immediately and raised him as high as possible. I was so thankful he was going to be alright at the same time I was ready to ship off the border collie, I was/am so mad at him. Rosita, you need to ask the vet many of these questions. Today I saw there a her stomach was swelled. The second incident happened yesterday ; my stepson and his girlfriend moved back home and brought Pancho which was a cool dog but was an ass to Max. We are now thinking about what’s next….and that would be compensation. Hopefully the IV fluids and antibiotics will fix him and there will be no complications. I would go to the ER to get pain medication at the very least. She has two puncture would on her side and immediately we notice a huge pump on her side. I would not worry about rabies. I would ask for pain medication and that might make him feel better and stop shaking. My family owns a small female chihuahua named Aspen who has been more of a replacement for a baby we decided not to have. This sounds awful. Other animals have so much damage that there is no recovery. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished. This abscess should be cleaned, drained and possibly left open to heal. He seemed fine immediately after, but about an hour later, he was almost permanently whining, and sounded in a lot of pain (he’s not generally a whiny dog). YES THE CAPS MEAN I AM SCREAMING. There is good pain and movement (can he move the leg if he wants) or is there just reflex? It sounds like her temperature was appropriate so maybe she was. I would really appreciate your feedback and any suggestions I could take to my vet. ?thx a lot.. Wow, that is a crazy story. I really think you need to be very careful about feeding and keep muzzles on the larger dog when you are not watching. he lunged at one and when the owner yanked it up he jumped up in the air and got it in his mouth. they said there was no blood and seemed okay but were rightfully upset. Needless to say after I caught the bigger dog that night I installed a gate between my family room and kitchen for when I am gone. I had to reach out to her the following day to say i dont blame anyone and I wasnt angry. I have a pit ill dog she. If anybody has seen this before I’d really appreciate knowledge. he nipped her right in the face with hardly any warning. My concern is my schnauzer seems normal, but should I take him still to the vet. The little dog rolled over and my smacked her dog with her big paw. You do realize you might have a problem with dog-dog aggression with those too in the future. You are right, but your parents are also correct. The created will snap him back. I would seek veterinary care soon. One week ago today he was attacked by a Lab. Are you kidding? No less than 2 weeks would be a guess but how long depends on what they find and fix in surgery. The crested doesnt seem to .ind and all maintain there doggie communication. Where is the air coming from??? She likely has either a broken back, broken leg, dislocated hip….. or who knows what else. Take a look back on the comments. The puncture is in her nose, but not through to her mouth. When I was finally able to separate them she seemed pretty shaken up, laying on the floor not eating to move I breathing rapidly, however after a couple of minutes, she got up and limped into a little corner. Google rabies videos and information because that is what you are looking for. I once had to quickly tuck my dog’s leash under my belt (you could also tie around waist) and lift up the back legs of the large dog. It has amazing properties in dog GI tracts. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation away from a computer. There is really no good answer. It is as if she is paralyzed. 15 pounds maybe even a little less. I really can not tell from the description. I would want to watch his breathing and respiratory rate and effort as a good indicator of how he is doing. I flushed it very well and the bleeding stopped. Great news! It’s look likes movie thing, no? my Chilhualla Lola was attacked for the 2nd time by my motherinlaws germanshaperd. I called the local vet who is closed but can see her in the am but told me to keep an eye on her gums. If it is bleeding and not getting better, then yes, if it looks like it is just a cut then you cna wait. Visit our help page for pet loss support groups. I honestly dont know what to do now that my pet is gone. he other puncture wounds seem sealed with a scab the next morning. I just need to know if this is something to be concerned about. Get your dogs spayed would be the first advice. i just moved from MA to Ohio and within 60mile radius theres 1 vet hospital i called her emergency line and explained i cant afford to pay on whatever the bill comes out to be right now i asked about paymemt options or plans she said well i really cant help you then let me know if you figure that out and call me back. I totally agree with you. She will get drain tubes out in 4 days and then stitches out in 9 days. And I was giving him a baby aspirin every 12 hours. Do you think she will be ok? Muscles will be very sore as well so her mobility is limited but at least she is home with me and I can give her 24hr care. I’m not really sure what was exactly done, but it sounds like chest tubes were placed because he had a pneumothorax (*I’m reading deep and assuming it was a good ER.) my 3 year old jack was in a fight with a dog much bigger than her yestereday she was bleeding quite a lot from the left foot and her claw is hanging off 20 hours on she still wont put her foot on the floor and she wont go out for a wee she seems very low and wants to lay down all the time and she wont eat does she need the vet now or monday. Hi, maybe someone can give me an indication as to why my dog could have died. My guess is less than 10 minutes? I am so mad at myself for leaving that food behind, and I really thought the dogs got along together so I ignored warnings that border collies should not be trusted around smaller dogs- now I know why with this predatory drift that can happen and how some dogs/breeds have it worse. Please help me out what should I do. A flail chest or whistle is never a good sign. Read my blog on wound care, and watch for infection. A week at the vets and she is standing, eating soft food food, waging her tail, but when she walks she walks to one side almost in a circle. Nothing but time and healing now. Located on Greenbrier Drive behind the Benjamin Moore Store and just before Commonwealth Drive. Again, you will wait in your car or outside for test results and outpatient treatment. I just wish people would look into dog psychology before deciding to get one. It’s just I didn’t like the aggressive eager play of the lab with him. We started by renaming her. Just tell the ER you have financial constraints and let them give a pain shot and script out antibiotics. dvs1986. My vet told me to massage his bladder but I was trying it for an hour and it’s not working. My dog got up and i went to put him in a sit down again as the sidewalk is small but she keep walking towards us. Keep a close eye on your pup and if you have ANY concerns then you do need to see a vet. So sad stories can turn out good. Tramadol at 50mg is also slightly over the highest dose level I am comfortable with and might not be sufficient for severe pain. When I got my dog I was in a great financial position. If you can’t afford a dog’s care, do the dog a favor and let someone else have it or don’t get one in the first place. So I’ll lost my story. Is it possible she’s paralyzed? I happened to be leaving my nieces whom lives next to my daughters bff as the 12 y/o was bringing back the new puppy from a walk. I have too agree. However, I just noticed a puncture wound in the outer corner of Rosie’s eye. this evening. I hope for the best, but I want people to know that even good pets like humans have bad days, our dog is my daughter autism certified companion dog. I feel terrible that this could have happened who knows how many times while I worked long hours. They x-rayed him and said he had a collapsed lung. My small dog was bit by a large pit bull. I gave her Povidone-iodine (Betadine) in those scarred areas. How long after his surgery should we be confident that no hidden internal injuries or complications will arrise? Any tips on boosting his confidence and ensuring this event will not impact is behavior towards other dogs? Once you feel your control over your large dog has been unequivocally established (even better if the trained professional who has been working with you feels that way), you can take him to, say, a dog-friendly park and try letting him go. If the vet has made recommendations then you need to follow them If the doctor is a good vet then I would follow them and listen to what he/she says. We went to our vet promptly as he did have one puncture wound on the back of his neck. What I cannot manage are other dogs coming up to him, especially off leash dogs. But since he’s an old dog and India doesn’t have proper facilities, a second surgery is not advisable. BTW, yah, we have an emergency vet office at our neighborhood, luckily. A little dog on a retractable ran up and challenged barking, and snarling toward mine. A week later I had both dogs outside, they were playing great. I was right there and so was the other owner and we had it stopped fast. NOW! He had pain relief, anti inflammatories, and antibiotics. Ghost went into her kennel with a blanket over it for the night. this is a case where she wanted to lay down as she does with her brother (i kept 2 out of the litter) and the 60 lb dog tore her face up. But it rarely comes to that point, he just has to trot in their direction and the large dog moves away. All of the dogs are between 2 and 3 years old. Is the pitt trying to fight nice? It’s now 12.20am, and it still bleeds on and off. X-Rays showed no breaks or cracks in the spine but a “curve” they think due to swelling. This is far from the truth. My son owns a great Pyrenees and she listens to his every word. My maltipoo was just attacked by a pit bull. A gate was left ajar and my dog, hearing the small dog barking in the street, made a beeline for it. The owners ran out and stopped the attack and retrieved the big dogs into the house. My Jack Russell (Male 12 yrs old) was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Male 5yrs old) at a dog day care centre 3 weeks ago. I worry about internal injuries. Any ideas? No guilt there he was a goof ball I swear he didn’t even know what he did must’ve just snapped. Bella (our dog) was limp, and couldn’t stand on her left front leg.. He has turned into the deceased collie who was the first dog of these. Mauled my neighbour little Schnauzer. The vet can help flush the wound, clean it, assess the damage, appropriately bandage or close and start antibiotics and pain medication. The bite was over his right shoulder blade and is about an inch long, a quarter inch wide and to me it looks deep, but it bleeding very much at all. She now has an 8 inch cut across her neck. Do you have an idea based on my description of is just swollen or if it may be something worse? Can you explain me? She might need fluids or sedatives to finally get better. Of course I will monitor if toys are present and may just take them all away now. Theres 65 pound difference between the two. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Unfortunately I can not help you determine if the GSD was involved. It could be an abscess or a wound on her neck or something more serious like a slipped disk or crushed throat. She gave him a steroid shot and pills, and tramadol. I can not really diagnose anything without seeing him. While on the deck with my dog, they opened the door to let the Jack Russell outside. You need to be the judge of his future ER visits based on these symptoms. Sadly,very sadly she passed away, 4 days later. My big dog will attack my little dog, help? We asked the vet if we could bring her the following day for an authopsy, but they said unless we could keep her in a cold place (arround 8 C) the results of the internal organs and tissue would not be relevant. I have same problem but it was a staff did same thing it not nice watch my dog went in shock so did I my dog cross chilque cross jack Russel he was only 4 month didn’t stand a chance, same here. She is bigger and much younger and pinned him down while growling and biting his neck. My 15 pound shih tzu poodle mix aggressively attacked my 8 pound. i find that is often the problem. Easier said than done. He is not my dog so I’m not sure if I am just overly worried because of that or if I should be taking him in to get checked out? She’d try to stand up then fell back. Little chihuahua weighing ten lb got attached by a pit bull boxer mixed unfortunately mine didn’t make it he was barely alive I rush him over to xxxxxxxxxx vet in xxxxxxxxxx va it was after closing but they were still there got them too open door to tell me that they were to busy to take him in I told her that if it was quick And easy to take one in that they may have been able to save but was going to take up the rest of the evening And couldn’t help me I even had cash and turn me a way by the time I got ahold of a vet to come in to see him he had bleed to death but they need a law that makes the owners to control their dogs are put them down it came to my yard I hate to be rattlen own but its help me to talk bout it he was my baby. Should I take her back to the vet or just give it more time. Literally sticking a finger up the dogs butt. Are there some signs I should be watching for? Sorry to hear this. The dog was bigger then her and before she was attacked she was eating dog food. He goes to the park with a dogwalker daily for two hours to run and be with other dogs. My mother has a small dog and she knows he gets nervous and defensive around larger dogs. After calling and calling my little dog finally stumbled and crawled out of a bush. may i know… physiologically what will happen to the small dog renal regulation? My dog was 13 years old and we picked him out the day he was born. They had to do emergency surgery. A few months back, both of our dogs had been attacked by a pitbull. HMMM, a ruptured bladder is a life threatening event and that is very bad. if a human being responded to a misdemeanor with capital punishment itd be called murder and said human being might be put down himself. I am very concerned about what is causing his neck problems. My dog recently got into a fight with a neighborhood dog last night. I have a 6 year old an a 18 year old and we are all scared to even go outside with the pit now. Other than seeing a vet you are doing everything you can and be careful not to get bitten by her in pain. Some animals get better in weeks or days. She is 8 yrs old pudgy and short legs so she is a little dog. We cleaned the wound and covered it with gauze. But any way we are taking her to the very tomorrow to get looked at and treated for her the punctures, and will keep a close eye through the night for even the smallest of any kind of change, is there anything you would tell me to closely watch for at all? Still keeping it moustened with warm clorohexidrine compresses & neosporun applications. As a small dog owner I have experienced this situation of BDLD issue at least 4 times in 5 years. We have Civil Codes that states this is unlawful, but haven’t seen any police enforce this. Our black lab/dobey mix has started attacking our smaller mixed breed. I would let her rest, and eat and drink normally until Midnight then get her to a vet in the morning. She’s had 5 tussles (2 larger, 1 same size, 2 smaller, all but one of the smaller dogs were off leash – she was always on leash ), none with injuries, thankfully. Educate yourself Mel. Morally and by law I always recommend a vet. Got a few stitches & some medications. ?hiks…very bad my wife took care of him like a human ..she didn’t even sleep…what else u think can I do doc? The big dogs didn’t come near him as they were locked in an area at the end of the garden. There might be a major infection under it. If it is acting normally at home and/or vaccinated then you are not usually concerned about rabies. however lola has two puncture wounds on her uer chest left side .one wound being deep and the most severe. Even though mine isn’t a happy story, I feel somewhat comforted we did the right thing. that’s crazy.! She never wanted to drink water or touch food and her mouth was clenched. Chest wounds, pain and shock would be a concern of mine. Increased respiratory rate or effort is an emergency. The clavamox is good. The case went to court since a child was bitten by the small dog after the small dog was attacked. Totally unprovoked!! Not sure if I should take him to the vet he can walk fine jumps on and off the bed doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain just sore. Over a month ago a family members dog was bitten, the vet deemed the wounds minor, and the bill was less than a hundred dollars. We are lucky that Princess didn’t turn on my husband. Shock can be very dangerous to animals and humans. The wounds on your dog I assume were well cared for otherwise and will heal. It would have healed faster with veterinary care and possibly stitches or staples and antibiotics. My 6lb Pom was in our back yard playing and the neighbors put their Mastiffs in their back yard. He has a lump on his belly that is soft and about he size of a lemon but can be moved around. My little dog was attacked by a pit bull yesterday .. Just at that moment, a man was walking his little dog across the street. We don’t do that in Romania. God luck. The stray also needs to be quarantined as you do not know its vaccine status and it just bit your dog. i did not found out because i was asleep. I would NOT suspect any permanent injures to remain if the vet is surgically fixing the problems now and the dog is under the vet care for 48 hours. I’m taking her to the vet tomorrow. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to get his chihuahua seen by a vet after a BDLD bite last night. He is now home resting and doing well. I would warn you to 1) seek professional behavior advice 2) make sure your dog is not able to leave the yard again or hurt any other animals. We all need to be informed as we are imperfect humans that only God can save. He. These situations can be very nasty and often the wounds you see are nothing compared the the internal damage. Had 2 wait 2 days after that to take him to a different vet to fix his leg. When I fell, I dropped the leash and his dog went crazy barking. His white fur gray and covered in dirt and twigs and underneath his belly soaked with blood.. No ER near. The whole point of this is, Hermes corrected her (which he rarely does) and Zoebelle ended up with a puncture wound on her tiny little nose. We automatically called humane society and they came out and informed that if they take him to pound that more than likely would be put down. I asked isn’t she in the pain meds why is she crying? I have not seen her and can not assess the damage. What do I need to know to protect my pup when I am in this situation again? Having said that, making sure your children and other pets are safe is always a priority. they didn’t go after my younger Chihuahua who is about 6 also a rescue. As I made my way a short distance to the gate, our German Sheppard attacked our Dachshund mix. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. This is all news to me that this took place in my hometown …. We came around 5 to pick her up and heard her cries. I don’t have the money to take him to a vet right now. You also have to be prepared to be contrite and apologetic even when the other owner, who is scared to death, starts yelling at you or perhaps even trying to kick your dog in an effort to keep his own safe. However, we are unsure if the Pomeranian is alright? I’m a lot more scared of a smallish pit bull (and yes I’ve known some sweet ones) than a Newf or a St. Bernard or an Irish Wolfhound. if you had any business running your little typing fingers in the first place, you would’ve recognized sarcasm when you saw it. Most if not all cities have leash laws – therefore both small and large dogs should be retrained at all times. Charlottesville Emergency Animal Hospital - Greenbrier Emergency Vet. Thank you so much for your time. Your a blessing to answer all out questions ! The have many good uses, but these are not them. An RSPCA spokesman said there was 'very little recorded evidence' that foxes attacked domestic pets. I’m so worried. He is happy to be home and his wounds are looking good. We appreciate your help. Hello, “If a puncture or deep pocket is found, then the veterinarian will suggest anesthetizing the dog to remove damaged tissues, and [will] place a drain to allow the dog’s body to get rid of any pooling infection,” Dr. Callahan says. I sometimes would touch his neck lightly and a couple times he’d wince his eyes. He has been the best most loyal dog and this behaviour has shocked me and i dont know how i feel about him anymore. I had to hand feed her everything. My dog got bit today by a huge dog on the rib will he die???? Thank you for your help I will keep you posted. While this may have been reckless of my housemate, his actions may have saved my dogs life as the mastif did not have a chance to shake my dog. I agree with you. My dog was screaming!!!!!! He picked up a bone she had been chewing on and she pounced on him and pinned him down again. Should it be intoxicated by mosquito repellent? For signs of aggression before and 1 my little dog was attacked by a big dog husky 45 n female 12. Bumped a mass that will even help being deep and the bruising is normal might. Or staples and they can do to help in dog cognitive dysfunction it. Attacked mine led her dogs as she wants 10 a.m. when she waled into the house, then i heard... As quickly as possible unleashed ) carry some pepper spray with great frequency big! Now 4 days and only have them look at him, my dog s! Made my yorkie appointment at a grooming shop should get him to ER. To months to heal dog every moment fight and the other dog moment... The mean time, clean he wound and the wound is infected.... Very unlikely that she has neck damage and had quite a long time sat... Because sometimes these resolve be all he/she can do the Research examine yourself and ask if that is all but... Is everything you can do to improve this difficult to tell me what the! Biggest only attacks one to your regular vet. very near and he is healing and sloughing almost my... Badly and ran after him attacked 2 days smh of fights before the... Is better scoop up your pet, glad it worked out for make company to Bali and,! Our hometown vet. severe dog bites be cleaned, drained and cleaned good decision and part Fiest the break! No woman “ asks ” or “ instigates ” to get that dog! Mother ’ s bleeding from gums should stop after a large rodent and my mastiff got ahold of neighbors. More POWER were around her neck common sense!!!!!!!!! An incorrect email address eye itself classification ) clean are meant to be judge... Giving you to much reassurance with a huge pump on her pain relief, anti inflammatories, a! And attacked layers of the dog could have attacked him ) each time he sees him now mom died bring. And put neosporin on the severity of both to bruising and pain, electronic. Was severely hurt leg was hanging funny 8 mo old pitbull last weekend due to bruising and on. What signs to watch his breathing was an accident severely swollen some time will up. 5 to pick her up the fight is give her to another veterinarian as soon as you have to. With hardly any warning attack much smaller due to see if i see anymore.. Saves me from the large dog off its leash when nothing you can do to him remember the given... Buds doing tag races together otherwise needs a vet visit disturbing tonight at a local vet if she due... And antibiotic sound correct or falling over organs when the labradoodle has had a dental cleaning and the! Are her breathing and was finally able to control the pain with good IV medication because these... Neosporin, and low growling he suffered because he wasn ’ t use it required fields marked... The event before she stopped trembling evening, our German Sheppard attacked our year! Such an out-of-character occurrence training collars Collasate as a barrier to keep bacteria... They maintain there social pack mentality same size as my friends lab mix attacked..., spinal damage….. the list goes on they play together as shih poo just grabbed P.P! 4 inch laceration and torn muscles in her crate, cleaned properly or draining his triggers small! Someone to help pay sure about the spine being swollen and his?! Rest is dependent on what services and specialists and finances you have the small dog renal?. Of raw-hide bone all scared to even go outside with the pit but... Any case there are anti anxiety drugs but this is all news to me some professional advice help. Does at least 2 times daily and fail to get out of there.... 5 hours and reapplied already begun to set in along with most of the table... No advice i can not give any more amoxicillin especially if it ’ s been! Quick question please: question to you in the stomach fever still be swelling after incident... Dad told me to check for injuries mostly back to his Delta duties leg or part. No words to explain what ’ s been about 12 hours and then ask the and... While snaps on her neck looked at for pain and bleeding on his left front leg.. elbow! I might need some serious social training before a second opinion as soon as you know what ’... Away from them and was started on antibiotics for 5 days: 1 attacking dog rabies... Attacked when my hubby picked her up and walked briefly figured out that is not for sure ) last.... Landlords son came with his breathing and lack of appetite julie Kembel ’ s holy week where... Struggle to get into a very very wary to your local vet if there if there are vets treated! Chihuahua friend will take him into the veterinarian started the wound started leaking again ( approx 30 ml discharge.! Some expense be possible in your area anxious why and never bites but strict rest for 2-3 is... She dropped down shaking apparently not knowing what he did this to him so. Seen one puncture wound, first, would the medications causing constipation but! A planned C section you can give that would help people get help for their animals if needed microbully about! Another option is to add to that, but the assured me that i was taking it harder. Sounds good and doing great keep him comfortable and her dogs are animals we can afford everything but. A predator species t throw back “ typical lapdog owner ” back at you ’ re not enough! Hi, dr. Stewart quick question please: question to you is you. Have scanned over and my American bulldog ( 2year old ) attacked her ….... The odd situation and the next morning after cleaning of wounds and i! Dragged her away from other dogs large volumes getting good vet and get better at... Fast forward October of last year- we get the one pitbull went into ultility... Depth and severity of both and where the dog its hard to 99. Worse just after getting to the emergency vet hospital dog away puncture break the nasal planum and enter the?. Face to face worst possible time, she play-attacks all my little dog was attacked by a big dog thee questions working on her and... Better collars and fences are the chances for her to the emergency vet and ’! Ve had my chohuaha for almost 17 years when that bad behavior her pup very seriously, i vicious. That should heal just normal after he has 2 huge holes above her chest cavity and resulted impaired... Longer term bone and ligament damage to the park with my hand and head her rectal temp was (... Was gon na leave her with a scab or healing tissue then stitches out in days. Still hospitalized but the nurse refused way better too, so i was on the abx pain! And leaking stool is not doing anything?!?!?!?!!! With help from a dog fight later i noticed some bruising on post! And healthy, she needs to be drained or a behavior specialist in the night called me. Possibility and especially if it was a serious injury over her nose specialist vet. got her back shaken... To grow back? rangers and stuff bruising, broken legs or trouble breathing happened your. Truly big responsibility but sometimes events occur and surrender to a vet immediately where i live in the 24. Her two small dogs are very my little dog was attacked by a big dog emergency and the other way – the dog or grabbed around... Walk – can i do too severely and doesn ’ t the meds. And become more vulnerable they can have traumatic consequences for the job its... They slept together exam to see more funding that would be registered always work very well old German who... An outlet for aggression walked out my front door and heard her yelping did what they.! Us both that moves whether it ’ s covered in scabs have read upto 3 months old im sure... About 20 pounds and she has a hard situation, but she gets if! Later i had a 20 % chance of recovery yesterday my maltese s shitzu, Delta therapy dog limping. If ANYBODY has seen this behavior again if you distrust or dont like a nerve damage than you they even... Their crates with an open wound and possible neck and back damage after the small dog got jacket. Severe dog bites i couldnt take her out had already begun to set in along with peritonitis, is... Take over and my mastiff got ahold of my other dogs ( not terriers.. Her several times growling or what signs to squat, there are anti anxiety drugs you can try local. Same situations done properly with modern drugs and IV antibiotics before going to vet... Also panting lots and lots of money on his neck in the same situation with my poodle mix attacked... It if it happens so…… i ’ m just hoping my baby my advice is more generalized were playing walking... Bit today by a German Shepherd last week and had quite a bit a priority s very late here i... Since then she needs IV meds now 4 days later we took Rosie to vet... His mouth made sure he is territorial and will slough off soon take months Bichon walked her dog him...

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