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Construction Industry Podcast

The Construction Industry Podcast is a multiple award-winning show that is produced and hosted by Cesar Abeid since 2011.
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Project Management for the Masses

The Project Management for the Masses podcast is a weekly audio show dedicated to those in the project management industry.  Cesar covers topics related to leading projects and teams, career advice, book reviews, etc.  It's can't-live-without content for those in Project Management.

Project Management for You Podcast

The Project Management for You podcast is a 20-episode series in which Cesar interviews some of the best project managers in the industry as he tries to explain and break down project management.  It is a great introduction to the topic of project management, providing the listeners with multiple hours of free content.

Project Management for You Book

Cesar's first book, called Project Management for You, introduces the principles of project management to the lay person, so everyone can learn how to turn ideas into reality, deliver on their promises, and get things done.

What people think of Cesar Abeid

Cesar was a terrific host at Project Management for the Masses. He researched the topics, asked interesting-for-the-audience questions, and created a podcast that will withstand the test of time. He does this again and again with every guest.

Cesar Abeid spoke at one of our monthly PMI SWOC events on how project managers can leverage social media for personal branding. Cesar’s presentation was very informative, highly applicable to our members and entertaining. We have received very positive feedback from our members about Cesar’s expertise. I would recommend Cesar for any speaking engagement.


Cesar Abeid provided an amazing presentation at Podcast Movement (the International conference for podcasters by podcasters) on Project Management. Cesar’s authority and influence in this space has become undeniable with the expert interviews and insights provided through the Project Management for the Masses podcast. Cesar has tremendous social proof through the Project Management for the Masses Google Plus community. Cesar’s session at Podcast Movement was well received and was easily considered one of the top advanced sessions for the event.

I had the pleasure of hearing Cesar’s presentation at NMX in Vegas called “The Benefits of Being the First To Podcast Within Your Niche.”

It was an entertaining and informative talk about his journey in becoming an award winning podcastin the construction industry. His connection with the audience made me feel like I was a part of his session.

Thanks for sharing your story in Vegas.

More About Cesar


Cesar SpeakingFollowing his career in Project Management and as a podcaster, Cesar Abeid has been asked to speak on a number of high-profile conferences, including the 2014 Construct Canada, 2013 New Media Expo in Las Vegas, 2014 Podcast Movement, and several other events related to project management, new media, internet marketing, and podcasting.

Cesar customizes each presentation to those in the room.  With a mix of humour, personal stories, and actionable steps to implement right away, audiences are left with new insights and a fresh perspective on the topics he presents.


Past clients have included Project Management Institute local chapters, New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, and Construct Canada.

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  • Using project management to turn your ideas into reality
  • The benefits of being a podcaster in your niche
  • Leveraging the Internet to take your career to the next level
  • Personal branding
  • Using social media to establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Using new media to promote your business
  • Content creation in B2B

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